Environmentally Conscious Transportation

We are very proud to be an environmentally conscious organization realizing that our planet is a gift. We are delighted to be a key OEM transportation resource as we deliver the next generation of alternative fuel buses. Together we will lead the way to a cleaner tomorrow.

Environmentally Conscious Transportation

Supplier Diversity

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certified DBE Corporation Avanti Transportation is answering the call for greater diversity in OEM supply chains. As a woman owned and certified DBE Corporation, we strive to become a more comprehensive team member for your company's supplier diversity policies.

"Avanti Transportation has exhibited professionalism and dedication with every new bus delivery. They've always been reliable, trustworthy and a devoted team member for us. We consider Avanti to be a vital asset for our business model and it has been a great pleasure working with the team over the past 23 years."
Tony Wayne - President - ElDorado National CA.

Domestic and International Deliveries

Avanti Transportation has always made it a top priority of maintaining competitive drive away delivery rates. Our history spans 23 years and we have logged millions and millions of accident free miles while we have delivered thousands of commercial buses across the United States. We are also fully licensed and insured to travel across the USA and Canada.

100+ Pace bus deliveries


Safe driving is essential at Avanti Transportation. With 23 years as a bus delivery company we offer professionalism and expertise with each and every delivery. We are committed to ensuring the safest possible delivery of your commercial vehicles.

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